Zodiac Signs: 7 Traits People with Taurus Zodiac Sign All Have in Common


People with Taurus Zodiac Sign are commonly seen as the “angry bulls” who get provoked with even the slightest things. But are Taurus just these angry 1-dimensional people?

Quick Taurus Zodiac Sign Facts

Date: April 20 – May 20

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus 

Stone: Amber, Coral, Sapphire, Quartz, and Emerald

Zodiac Symbol: Bull

People who are born between April 20 up to May 20 fall under the Taurus Zodiac Sign. This sign is an Earth Element, and the animal Bull symbolizes it.

The color for Taurus is green and their season is Spring. 

The stones for this Zodiac Sign are Coral, Sapphire, Quartz, and Emerald. Venus is the sign’s ruling planet. To add to that, the Taurus Zodiac  governs over the 2nd house of the horoscope wheel.

The Taurus Zodiac Sign and Their Personality

Taurus are known to be private people so that they don’t just open up to someone they just met. Once they get to know someone very well, they will open up to you— which is a huge step for Taurus. 

These people are very private people, so if you have a Taurus friend who opened up to you. Then be proud of yourself. That doesn’t often happen to these people. 

Another great thing about people with the Taurus Zodiac is that they’re very warm and caring. 

They’re the type of people who will drop everything to be with you and listen to what you have to say during dark times. 

People who have are quite stoic most of the time. However, if you test their patience, they can be fierce. Although they’re quite patient, they’re good at handling their anger very well. 

If you meet a Taurus, make sure you don’t aggravate them.

These people are also not great at handling criticism. If your goal is to improve their performance by giving them a bit of criticism, sometimes, they won’t take it positively. They can even think of this as a personal attack. So just go easy on these people.

7 Interesting Traits of People with Taurus Zodiac Sign

1. Taurus are actually pretty chill

Taurus Zodiac Sign

Most people see Taurus as overly aggressive and are always ready to fight someone. They don’t have that much patience in their system. However, if you don’t awaken the angry bull inside them, they won’t fight you. 

In fact, these people are pretty chill and laid back people.

People who have a  Zodiac Sign often take their sweet time to enjoy life to the fullest. They dread going through all the hustle and bustle of life and prefer taking things at a slow pace. 

Taurus has a pretty calm behavior (that’s if you don’t awaken the anger within them). They prefer spending their life casually and savor each waking moment to enjoy life to the fullest. Of course, people of this sign prefer to take things slowly.

2. Taurus will not back down in a fight

Remember when I mentioned earlier that people with Taurus Zodiac Sign shouldn’t be provoked— I mean it with all my heart. If you know a Taurus (you might even be the Taurus yourself), you should know best that they won’t back down. 

They take fires and throw them back at you without thinking twice.

Taurus are very deep people. They also have quite a delicate heart. This is why you intentionally (or unintentionally) provoke them and don’t expect Taurus to sit and not do anything about it simply.

They’re mad— they don’t hold back. Yes, they’re pretty chill and laid back people. But they certainly won’t back down when you challenge them. 

3. Taurus Zodiac Sign know when you’re lying

If you’re fishing for compliments, don’t ask people with the Taurus Sign. They can see through people and their motives. It’s almost as if they have a sixth sense!

People with this Zodiac Sign are known to be genuine and honest people. 

It’s only natural for them to expect the same for others. However, whether we like it or not, some people can be compulsive liars. A Taurus’ ability to sniff lies is something special in them. It’s already programmed in their system.

They feel disgusted with people who lie to them. Once people with Taurus sniffs out that you’re lying, they won’t spend time with you. For them, there’s no point in interacting with ingenuine people.

4. Taurus is not great at dealing with stress

Taurus Zodiac Sign

You’ll know if a Taurus is stressed because their friends become stressed as well. This is not an attack on the people born with this Zodiac Sign because they really are. One of the things that can stress a Taurus out is change.

Taurus seeks stability in life. When met with an abrupt change, don’t expect Taurus to embrace change wholeheartedly. Whether it’s moving from one house to another or changing jobs, Taurus gets stressed about it. 

When this happens, they tend to rant their stress away, which seemingly goes for hours, before they calm down. Just give them some time to cool down, and they’ll eventually get used to this change. 

5. Taurus is a realist

People with Taurus Sign may seem like a killjoy and a dream killer, but they’re not. They don’t lose their touch with reality— thus, they will often choose a more realistic option.

They’re never the type of people to blindly follow their dreams, especially if it sounds a bit impossible to achieve. Taurus deals with facts and bases their decisions on the facts.

They don’t fancy ideals and prefer choosing the ones that are based on facts. 

6. Taurus are dependable people

People with the Taurus  Sign are dependable people. They’re the one friend that you can count on if things get way out of your hand. 

They embody the stability of their animal symbol. They keep their feet on the ground and will not hesitate to help you stand during your weakest times. 

Taurus won’t let the people they love and care about fall into the pit without helping them. If they can, they will definitely help. They’re your knight in shining armor whenever you’re in trouble. 

You’ll never go through a problem alone if you have a Taurus friend.

7. Taurus make loyal friends

It’s not easy to earn the trust of a Taurus, but if you do, you found yourself a gem. People with taurus are loyal individuals. They’re the type of people who will walk with you until the very end. 

The great thing about this is they won’t leave you even during the roughest patch of your life. They’ll think of your problem as theirs and will help you solve them. 

To add to that, they can also be trusted with your innermost secrets. They won’t judge you. They’ll appreciate your honesty and will keep your secret until they take their last breath. 


Taurus is more than just the angry bull who’s willing to ram their horns to whomever they see. People with the Taurus  Sign are dependable and realistic. They’re also very loyal friends who will stick with you until the very end.

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