7 Unique Traits all Gemini Zodiac Sign Share

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People with the Gemini Zodiac Sign are known to be two-faced and will always be a part of a large crowd. But, are Gemini’s really what the stereotypes are saying?

Quick Gemini Zodiac Sign Facts

Zodiac Sign gemini may 21 to june 20

Date: May 21 – June 20

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Stone: Agate

Zodiac Symbol: The Twins

People who have Gemini Zodiac Sign are born between May 20 to June 20. The Gemini’s element is air. The planet that it governs and rules is Mercury, and its birthstone is Agate. The Gemini’s color is Yellow, and its symbol is the twins.

The tarot card for Gemini is “The Lovers,” and its metal is Mercury. 

Spring is Gemini’s season. Some of the keywords that describe the Gemini Zodiac Sign are Chatty, Expressive, Cunning, Witty. They govern over the 3rd House of the Horoscope Wheel. 


The Gemini Zodiac Sign and Their Personality

zodiac sign gemini with dates may 21 to june 20

Geminis are known to be complex individuals. They’re very independent who want to do things on their own at their own pace. People with the Gemini Zodiac Sign are free thinkers. They think too much, which results in Geminis becoming overthinkers. 


To add to that, they also have a tendency to change their minds quickly. They may have said yes an hour ago but will change their mind later, which is why it’s hard to keep up with them.


People with Gemini Zodiac Sign are great friends. However, sometimes they can be very mischievous. 


This is exactly the reason why Zodiac Signs who are sensitive to things may find Geminis difficult to handle at first. 


Although Geminis have great social skills, they will not overshare things. Showing how they truly feel is also a challenge for Geminis. 


They hide their feelings behind a mask that they show to others to keep themselves away from any uncalled drama. 


They also don’t bother much with the details. They care more about the bigger picture rather than being particular with the small details. 


People with this Zodiac Sign are often open-minded, especially when it comes to new things. They’re not afraid to show it first. 


7 Interesting Traits of People with Gemini Zodiac Sign


1. Geminis hate conflicts

There’s no other good way to start all of this but this one. Geminis simply hate conflicts and will try to avoid it at all costs. For people with this Zodiac Sign, there’s nothing more dreadful than dealing with worthless drama. 


Why deal with it head on when you can simply walk away from it? 


For people with Gemini Zodiac Sign, there are far more important things than dealing with conflicts. It requires too much time and emotion. 


Plus, it’s mentally and emotionally draining— which is really a waste of everything.


So before they could step into a landmine, they will take a step back and walk away. There are far more interesting things than getting yourself into trouble. Geminis can simply choose to forget about potential conflict and get on with their life. 


2. Geminis, when cornered will retaliate

Yes, Gemini’s hate conflicts. However, when they’re left with no other choice but to fight— they will. They hate dealing with unnecessary conflicts since it can be draining for them


However, when they know that something is not right, and someone is stepping over their boundaries, Geminis won’t think twice to fight. 


Geminis are strong individuals who will stand up for themselves. They might seem like a pacifist, but you don’t want to see an angry Gemini. They will throw you sharp words that will cut through you.


3. Geminis are loyal people

I’m not only talking about being a Gemini’s friend. I’m talking about Gemini’s as a lover, friend, family, and ally. Gaining a Gemini’s trust and loyalty is not easy. But if you do gain it, you have just found yourself a keeper. 


Gemini don’t just befriend whomever they meet. Yes, they are very sociable, but they’re not the type of person who will trust someone right away. 


People with Gemini Zodiac Sign will never leave you at your darkest times and will always be with you through thick and thin. They will be with you for life. 


4. Geminis hates being controlled 

If someone tries to control a Gemini’s life, they will not be successful in doing it. Gemini will always do whatever they want. They’re very independent individuals. 


Geminis will create their path rather than follow the path someone else created. They love their freedom and hate the thought of losing it. 


If you do try to take freedom away from a Gemini, they will distance themselves from you so you won’t be able to take it away from them. You certainly don’t want to lose a Gemini’s trust. 


5. Geminis will tell you what they really think

If you’re someone who “tones down” your opinion and makes it more polite when you are asked. Well, you’re certainly not a Gemini. 


The Gemini Zodiac Sign is known for being blunt when it comes to giving their opinion on something.


They certainly won’t “tone down” their opinions and will say what they think exactly. That would be great if they like what you have presented. But if it’s not— you should prepare yourself for something harsh. 


6. Geminis knows how to smooth talk

Have you ever seen someone almost get into trouble but was able to smooth talk their way out? That person might be a Gemini. Surprising as it is, but people with the Gemini Zodiac Sign are social and articulate people.


They know which words to use to persuade someone to do some things. The way they do this is something only a Gemini can do. 


The greatest thing about this is that they can make you think it was your idea and they have nothing to do with it. How cool is that? 


7. Geminis are curious people

Have you ever seen a sponge soak up to water or any liquid in particular? That’s how a Gemini can soak up to knowledge. People with the Gemini Zodiac Sign are always on a quest to discover more things. 


Curiosity is in their nature, and will always want to find out about anything. They’re also interested in someone who is knowledgeable too because, in that way, they’ll be able to learn more from them.


This curiosity will not stop at certain points. Geminis will always be curious. 




There’s more to Geminis than being two faced. 


Geminis are very sociable people, but they will not trust just anyone. They are private people and will most likely keep things to themselves. They’re also choosy with their circle of friends, but when they decide to be friends with someone, they will be with you through thick and thin.

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