7 Unique Traits all Scorpio Zodiac Sign Share

The Scorpio Zodiac Sign is known to be very intense. They’re known to take almost everything seriously. But have you ever wondered why this is their stereotype? 


Quick Scorpio Zodiac Sign Facts

Date: October 23 – November 21

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Mars, Pluto 

Stone: Tourmaline, Amethyst, Topaz, Aquamarine, and Opal

Zodiac Symbol: Scorpion


People who are born between October 23 – November 21 are, without a doubt, Scorpios. Its element is water, and its ruling planet is Mars and Pluto. The sign’s stones are Tourmaline, Amethyst, Topaz, Opal, and Aquamarine. 


The Scorpio Zodiac Sign metals are Steel, Iron, and Magnesium, and its Tarot Card is Death. 


People who are born under this Zodiac Sign are Controlling, Emotional, Determined, and Intense. Scorpio Zodiac Sign’s animal symbol is the Scorpion, and their colors are Maroon and Black. 


Scorpio also governs the 8th house of the Horoscope Wheel.

The Scorpio Zodiac Sign and Their Personality

zodiac sign scorpio with dates october 23 to november 21

People with the Scorpio Zodiac Sign are great at focusing, especially when it comes to the dreams and goals that they are passionate about. These individuals are honest and loyal people. 


Once they care about someone, they will do whatever they can to make them happy. 


These people love being right. This is not necessarily a negative trait. Being right for Scorpios means justification. For them, it’s essential to be assured that what they’re doing is the right thing. 


These people are pretty stubborn and are not very open when it comes to new ideas and changes. Just like Taurus, new ideas and changes stress Scorpios out. If they’re unwilling to make the changes, they will not do it.


Because Scorpios are honest individuals, they don’t hate seeing all sorts of dishonesty. They’re also great at doing different tasks at the same time. 


To add to that, Scorpios tend to be great leaders. Because people with Scorpio Zodiac Sign are ambitious people, they will do whatever they can to complete the tasks and projects they are given— at all costs. This makes them a great leader. 

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7 Interesting Traits of People with Scorpio Zodiac Sign


1. Scorpios are suspicious of everything

The Scorpio Zodiac Sign is one of the signs which often has trust issues. They don’t easily trust someone or something. 


Whenever they meet someone new, they don’t easily fall for their charm as they want to know whether their intentions are good or not. 


This trait can get in the way, especially when they are in a new work environment where they have no choice but to work with someone they just met. Scorpios should remember that not everyone has bad intentions towards them. 


To all Scorpios out there— sometimes you just have to chill.


2. Scorpios are passionate people

Scorpios are known to be very passionate people. In fact, when someone becomes aware that one is a Scorpio, they immediately assume that they are passionate people. 


Scorpios are always seen as strong and passionate individuals.


They are also known to be the most intense and passionate individuals among the Zodiacs. Whenever one is with a Scorpio, they will feel somehow alive. 


Because people with the Scorpio Zodiac Sign have an innate, intriguing, and intense aura that you can’t help but get drawn to. 


3. Scorpios compliment you only when they mean it

Scorpios are not the type of people who will unknowingly give out compliments to someone. They don’t compliment someone that easily. Almost as if a compliment is such a luxury that they can hardly afford.


However, when a Scorpio compliments someone, they really mean it with all of their heart. 


People with the Scorpio Zodiac Sign also cannot stand compliments when they know they’re not worth it. They despise fake flattery and prefer to be with real people who don’t compliment just everyone. 


So when they give you a compliment or sing you with praises, that really means you deserve all those compliments. 

4. Scorpios are mysterious and seductive

One can easily get drawn towards a Scorpio. It’s almost as if they have a magnet inside them that draws you towards them. 


They’re naturally mysterious and intriguing, which draws people towards them. There’s just something within them that makes you want to know more about them.  


Scorpios can also be very seductive. 


The mysterious aura that surrounds a Scorpio and their enticing nature is the perfect mix that no one can easily resist. They can be seductive and charismatic when they want to. 


5. Scorpios can be blinded by love

Scorpios have an intense characteristic. Who when they fall in love, they really fall hard. Sometimes a bit too hard that they get blinded by love, they make their partner their world. Everything else that surrounds them simply disappears.


To add to that, Scorpios don’t do things half-assed. So when a Scorpio chooses you as their partner, they’re giving you their all. 


Whatever is theirs, will be yours. That’s just how a Scorpio falls in love. They either give it their all, or they give you nothing. Most often than not, they will give you all. 


6. Scorpios are quite picky when befriending someone

Scorpios are private people with a bit of a trust issue. So, them being picky with their friends just makes sense. People with Scorpio Zodiac Sign are not the type of people who want to have a huge crowd of friends.


They tend to make deep connections with their friends, and having a crowd of friends is not the way to do it. They prefer to have a small circle of friends whom they deeply trust. 


If you’re a friend with a Scorpio, you are a trustworthy person.


They don’t easily call someone their friends, even if you two have been eating lunch together for years. If they don’t think of you as a friend, then you’re just an acquaintance. 


7. Scorpios are resilient

Perhaps one of the most resilient among the signs, a Scorpio will not be easily discouraged by minor setbacks. They don’t have time to cry over something that’s already happened. They just have to deal with what they have.


It takes a lot more than just a minor setback to make them give up. If you don’t want them to take the path that they want to take, you have to become annoyingly persistent about it. 


Scorpios don’t just stop. If they want it, they will walk through hell to have it. 




Scorpios indeed are intense people. They’re also very passionate about their dreams. If they want it, they will make a way to get it. They’re also very wary of whom to trust. They can be paranoid at times, but that’s just a Scorpios nature.

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