Astrology: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About You


Astrology is the study that infers human relationships with cosmic forces. It suggests that these relations are not random, rather have a pattern or order to them. Thus, astrologists try to understand this order by using various kinds of astrology.

Some use birth charts’ analysis for understanding the universe around us while others use horoscope reading to predict random events in our lives. There are other types of astrology too which people believe in based on their locality and culture. Here, we will discuss best top 11 types of astrology prevalent worldwide:

1) Vedic Astrology

Considered one of the oldest forms of Astrology, it is used in Hinduism and Buddhism across India , Sri Lanka , Nepal , Thailand etc . The word ‘Veda’ means knowledge. Thus, it is a sacred tradition of Indian culture that holds great significance in our past and has been used to predict the future for centuries now.

2) Numerology

Numerology is yet another ancient form of astrology. It studies numbers from individual to cosmos and infers patterns from them. The number 1 represents the self while 9 symbolizes end of everything. This form of astrology also uses gemstones, birth dates etc .

3) Chinese Astrology

One of most popular forms of astrology nowadays, this is based on animal zodiacs (animals that most represent humans). People born under specific zodiac sign are believed to possess traits associated with animals they are linked to.

4) Western Astrology

As the name suggests, this form of astrology is popularly used in western countries. It uses sun sign analysis to study individuals and their zodiac signs. Horoscope reading is also done using western astrology which predicts events in our lives such as personal as well as professional growth.

5) Vedic Numerology

The synonym of Vedic numerology is Jyotish or sometimes called ‘Indian Numerology’. It uses numbers from birth date and name to define patterns in human life. This kind of astrology also helps find solutions for problems related to career, relationship and finance among several other aspects.

6) Hawaiian Astrology (Kio)

Believed to be of multicultural origin, this is an interesting form of astrology that uses elements like astronomy and geography to study zodiacs. It then matches them with elements like seasons etc . Hawaiians also believe in studying ‘Kio’ for understanding different character types.

7) Horary Astrology

Looking at the time of happening of random events, horary astrology branches out specific questions related to future. This kind of astrology basically revolve around answering these particular questions through proper analysis derived from birth data or time or place or name.

8) Chinese Bazi (Four Pillars)

Built on five basic elements found in nature, this kind of astrology provides deeper insights into human life. The five basic elements are metal, wood, water, earth and fire. Four pillars are then created based on the balance of each element in our life. Each pillar has animal totem associated with it.

9) Chinese Flying Star Feng Shui

Based on fixed numbers found using birth date or time or place or name, this form of astrology uses them to explain how energies flow in one’s life. It makes buildings for living more suitable by balancing energy in the surrounding area through certain changes in color etc . This kind of astrology is also used while building new houses to provide good living conditions.

10) Kabbalah

This is yet another form of astrology that uses 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabets to predict future. Since Spanish Jews use it, it is also referred as ‘Jewish Astrology’.

11) Sikh Astrology (Gurmat Sangeet)

This type of astrology studies specific birth dates and times to find out what kind of events people should expect in their lives. It predicts various kinds of issues linked with business, profession or personal life. This form of astrology has gained worldwide popularity lately due to its success rate.

There are many other forms of astrology used across the world like Vedanga Jyotish, Kundli Milan etc . All these forms use different methods

12) Qimen Dunjia (Astrology of mysterious spirits and unknown matters)

An ancient form of astrology believed to exist since 15th century BC, this kind of astrology is basically derived from theory of yin and yang. It also makes use of five elements like the Chinese Four Pillars or Ba Zi but with different names given to them.

13) Islamic Astrology (Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, New Delhi photo by Rajesh Talwar )

Believed to be developed during 8th century AD, this form of astrology is actually an interpretation of the Quran through stars and moon. The word ‘Astrologer’ comes from the Arabic root ‘Al-Astrulab’ which means one who studies stars/asteroids/planets etc . This kind of astrology was very popular in the medieval Indian subcontinent.


There are many different types of astrology, each with its own unique method of predicting the future. While there is no one definitive way to predict the future, using astrology can be a helpful tool for understanding what may happen in your life. Whether you use Western astrology, Chinese astrology, or any other form of astrology, it is important to remember that these readings should not be taken as gospel – they are only one piece of the larger puzzle that is your life.

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