Best Dog Breeds For Pisces

Before knowing about the best dog breeds for Pisces, you should go through the brief introduction of Pisces.

Pisces (February 19- March 20) is the last sign of the zodiac and is in charge of creativity. Pisceans are dreamers who often have a hard time separating reality from fantasy. They are also very sensitive and compassionate people.

The person who keeps the dog will decide the dog species considering various factors. The dog’s size, the size of the house, the presence or absence of children, and the amount of exercise are important points. But beyond practical things, there are also intuitive decisions. For Example, if you went to the shelter to get a pet dog, you may fall in love with Great Dane.

By having a dog that suits each personality, you can create the best friendship possible. So, here is the list of which dog species are best for Pisces.

1. Saint Bernard’s: One of the Best Dog Breeds for Pisces

St. Bernard is an animal developed hundreds of years ago to save lost travellers. This dog breed is faithful and dedicated. These dogs may be large dogs that grow to 180 pounds, but they have a gentle soul of Pisces. So, this dog breed is the best fit for Pisces.


2. Maltese: Best Fit for Pisces

Pisces are the most imaginative zodiac signs, so they require equally bright and inquisitive dogs. It is the appearance of Maltese, and this dog breed has the same characteristics as Pisces.

If you love Maltese, they always return the love and do everything to attract their owners. So, it would be the best companion for Pisces.

3. Chihuahua: One of the Best Dog Breeds for Pisces

Chihuahua is a dog that is loyal to its owner and has an intuitive and empathetic nature of Pisces, and it feels the owner’s feelings before it feels. For Chihuahua, who prefers to spend one-on-one time on the owner’s lap. Moreover, communication with loved ones is an important key of Chihuahuas.

dog breeds for pisces

4. Weimaraner: Best Fit for Pisces

We also recommend the Weimaraner for the compassionate Pisces. Friendly, elegant and obedient, this German-born “Gray Ghost” grows by spending quality time with its owner.

However, lack of enough exercise and mental stimulation can lead to a nervous and confusing personality, just like the owner of Pisces.


5. Basset Hounds: Best Dog Breed for Pisces

The lovely and delicate Basset Hound easily understands the Pisces sensibility. Both have a strong desire to escape and choose to find them through a dreamlike pursuit, swimming away from the crowd. The Pisces and Basset Hounds can love, be faithful, and consider others. So, they are a perfect match and make a strong relationship with each other.

So, All these are the best Dog breeds for Pisces

dog breeds for pisces

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