Celebrity Horoscope: These Popular Celebrities Are All Virgo (Virgo Celebrities)

Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities would act behind the camera? Do you think they work less because they’re already at the top? Or do they work twice as much? 

This celebrity horoscope and astrology will give you an idea about the characteristics of your favorite celebrities who are born in September. We have listed down Virgo celebrities for you. 

Here are 7 Virgo Celebrities Who Are Born in September:

1. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves, a Canadian Actor, is a Virgo. He was born back on September 2, 1964. 

Keanu is known for starring in the “Matrix” and John Wick franchise. Just like most celebrities, he had his fair share of ups and downs in the industry. However, he bounced back to popularity during the third installment of John Wick.

Virgo’s like Keanu are known to be honest, kind, practical, and analytical. They have a deep sense of humanity. They’re also known to be the most careful people among the signs. 

However, Virgos tend to be overly critical when it comes to themselves (and others as well). They also have a very keen eye for details and are quite perfectionist. Which explains why Keanu’s stunts are always on point. 

We all know, Keanu is hands-on when it comes to doing all the stunts in the film he’s working on, and we all love him for that. Seriously— who would hate such a kind and hardworking man?

2. Beyoncé Knowles Carter 

Beyoncé is an overall performer. A singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, record producer, and a film-maker. She was born and raised in Texas on the 4th of September 1981— a Virgo.

As a child, Beyoncé was frequently seen in dancing and singing competitions and had always been a performer. 

Her career started to rise when she became the lead singer of Destiny’s Child. 

Virgo’s like Beyoncé are kind, loyal, and practical people. They’re also very hardworking and self-critical. This explains why Beyoncé looks like she owns the stage during her performances.

People who have this Zodiac Sign have a very methodical approach in life where they grab every opportunity there is. But that’s not all. 

They also have a tender heart, which is why they don’t pour their entire hearts to everyone. They tend to get heartbroken when the people they really care about stops caring for them. 

Sometimes, Virgo’s guard their hearts very well because most of them don’t accept the fact that their feelings are valid. 

Beyoncé’s work definitely reflects Virgo’s all-work-no-play and overly detailed nature as she is loved for her unparalleled music and performance. Who says Queen’s don’t need to work hard? 

3. Zendaya Coleman 

Zendaya Coleman, an American Singer, and Actress were born on September 1, 1996. This young actress and singer is a Virgo. 

She started off as a backup dancer and a child model. 

Zendaya rose to stardom when she was cast as Rocky Blue on the sitcom from Disney Channel, Shake It.

Although Zendaya is a singer, she expressed that she wants to focus more on her acting career than her music industry. 

Zendaya is a Virgo, which means she’s well-organized. Virgos are people who choose to be practical in their everyday life. 

This is heavily reflected in Zendaya’s focus on her acting career rather than her music career. 

Virgo’s are very conservative and are very organized. Once they miss a detail that is seemingly impossible to fix, they tend to become overly critical and concerned. 

It might also seem like Virgo’s are not struggling since they’re very warm and loving to other people, but they have internal battles.

4. P!nk (Singer)

Alecia Beth Moore, who is popular for her stage name as P!nk is a Virgo. She was born on September 8, 1976. 

P!nk is a singer, record producer, dancer, songwriter, actress, spokesperson, and actress. 

She was a member of the girl group Choice. However, her record label saw her potential as a solo artist. P!nk was then given a Solo Recording contract, which paved her way to the limelight.

Most Virgo also loves living a healthy lifestyle, which is very true to P!nk. In fact, in her free time, P!nk spends her time in her garden.

Virgo’s are all for work. They make sure that each opportunity is taken and is not taken for granted. This reflects very well with the singer as she worked as a McDonalds to make ends meet before she became a household name. 

5. Niall Horan


Niall Horan, born on September 13, 1993, is a Virgo. 

Niall is an Irish singer, songwriter, and is a member of the popular boy band One Direction. The band went on a hiatus back in 2016 where Niall became a solo artist for the Capitol Records.

Virgos like Niall strive hard for perfection. This explains why Niall seems like he’s always on a quest to improve his skills. 

Being a member of the popular group One Direction didn’t hinder Naiall’s popularity for his career as a Solo artist. In fact, he won the Best New Artist for the American Music Awards (AMA) back in 2017.

Virgo’s are also very diligent when it comes to the things they’re very passionate about. Talk about burning passion.

6. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas is an American singer, actor, and songwriter. He started his career when he was 7 years old as a theater actor. 

He then released his debut single back in 2002, which captured the attention of Columbia Records. This then resulted in the formation of the band Jonas Brothers, which was featured in the film Camp Rock. 

Nick’s solo career sky rocked with his album “Jealous,” which greatly contributed to the solo artist that he is today.

Virgo’s such as Nick are very passionate about their ideals. 

In fact, they aim for perfection, and they won’t stop until they achieve their goals. Although this is good for some instances, it can be pretty self-destructive for Virgos, especially when they cannot achieve the perfection that they always wanted to have.

 7. Adam Sandler

Adam is a Comedian, Actor, and Film Maker. He made his way to Hollywood films after becoming a cast member of Saturday Night Live. He was born on September 9, 1966. 

He had a lot of comedic roles, and people loved him for it. However, he also had his fair share of dramatic performances such as Punch-Drunk Love and many more. 

Virgo’s such as Adam are very logical and practical. 

They’re also very observant and detail-oriented. They’re mostly hyper-aware of details. This explains why Adam stands out when it comes to observational comedy and surreal humor. 


Celebrities are human too, and just like you, they have a set of things they like and dislike. These aren’t half of those who are born in September. If you share the same Zodiac Signs as these people, you may see some of their characteristics in yourself. Which of these Virgo characteristics are similar to you?

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