Dogs: Does My Dog Love Me?

Does my dog love me? This is one of the common questions most of us ask ourselves especially when we see our dogs.Does our dog really love us? 


But before we dig deeper into knowing how your dogs show that they love you. Let us first find out whether your dog feels emotions. 

Does Your Dog Feel Emotions? 

Absolutely! According to National Geographic, dogs have emotions. In fact they even know what emotion their owner is currently feeling. They know if you’re happy or you’re upset based on your body cues and facial expressions. 


According to research, your dog tends to rely on your body language and cues in order to know what you’re feeling. Just like how we usually do. 


If this question was asked years ago, people would be laughing. But that’s no longer the case. People today already know that dogs in general feel emotions, yours and quite obviously, theirs as well. 


Now what we got that question covered and that yes, our dog does feel emotion. Time to address THE question.


Does my dog love me?

Yes! As mentioned earlier, dogs feel emotions— in fact they can feel your emotions as well. If you take good care of your dog, pay attention and play with them, yes, they are capable of loving you. 


But how do we know if your dog loves you? 


6 Signs that Answers Your Question: Does My Dog Love Me? 

Dogs and humans have a very diverse way of expressing love towards the other. Much like humans have different love languages, dogs have a different way of expressing their love towards you. 


Your Dogs Love to Play and Roughhouse with You

I know, sometimes they try to rough house at the most inconvenient time. Other times they want to play with you when you’re very tired. Please don’t scold them because it’s just their way of expressing their love to you. You might have watched a puppy play with other dogs. Notice that lots of time, these pups play roughhousing. If your dog is giving you the same behavior, they see you as someone that can be trusted. 


So, next time your dog asks you to roughhouse or play with them, do it. Play with them, they will certainly be very happy.


Your Dogs Lean Against You

Most dogs crave for physical attention from people. Be it from you, your partner, your child, your friend or simply anyone— as long as your dog is comfortable being with that person. Your dogs may not be able to tell you through words, how much they love you, but a simple act such as leaning against you is one way for your dogs to say they love you. Dogs don’t just lean on anyone— they do this to someone they trust. 


So next time when you’re relaxing on your couch and your dog leans on you, be happy. It’s their way of saying they love you.


Your Dog is Sleeping with You

Not all dogs are comfortable in sleeping with their owners, so if your dog loves sleeping with you, it means you’re part of its family. This is because dogs are animals that goes in pack. Pack animals such as dogs, wolves and others huddle together when they sleep. They do this because they feel safe and warm when they’re huddled together in a pack. 


So when your dog is sleeping together with you, it means that they want to huddle with you. They want to be with you and that they care for you. Sleeping with your dog means you belong in one pack. 


Your Dogs Cuddle with Your Things

You may have noticed that your dogs take your newly worn socks or dirty clothes and carry it around. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your dogs. They simply love your scent. Dogs that are dedicated to their owners love their scent. You shouldn’t think much about these things as it usually doesn’t bring you any harm. In fact, if your dog has a separation anxiety, giving them something that smells like you can help ease what they’re feeling. 


In addition to that, if your dog is a huge chewer, put your things away from their reach. You wouldn’t want your things to be chewed. 

Your Dogs Jump on You

Dog jumping on you can be an undesirable behavior, especially if you have a big dog. But, that’s one of the ways your dogs can express their love for you. Your dogs jump on you because they like you. It also means that they’re excited to see you. This behavior is typical for those who leave their dogs in their home for work, or simply running an errand such as groceries. Jumping on you means they’re celebrating for your return. 


Although teaching your dogs other ways to express their joy and excitement would be best, simply jumping on you means that they love you.


Your Dogs Wag their Tail When They See You

Dogs typically wag their tail when they’re excited— or happiness. Which is why dogs wag their tail when they see you. This is also the reason why their tails wag so much when you bring them their favorite toy or when you give them treats. So, next time when you see your dog’s tail wagging, be happy that your dog is excited to see you. 


Final Thoughts


If your dog does all of the things listed above, your dog, without a doubt, loves you. There are lots more ways your dogs can express how much they love you. These are just the common things they do that truly shows that they love you. Which one of these does your dog often do? 

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