Dog Breeds: Compatible with Scorpio Zodiac Sign

People with a Scorpio zodiac sign need dog breeds that are as protective and affectionate as them. Scorpios are often misunderstood. People see them as a hot-headed person who is very emotional— but there’s more to Scorpios than that. 

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality

If you’re born between the 23rd of October and 21st of November, you’re without a doubt a Scorpio. Scorpios are known to be extremely emotional. 

Aside from being emotional, people also see them as assertive and demanding— but that’s not all for this Zodiac Sign.

Perhaps Scorpios are one of the most misunderstood Signs. People perceive them as hot-headed, with a huge tendency to become harsh. Scorpios are naturally drawn to mystery and other things that can pique their curiosity.

Deep inside the seemingly harsh and hot-headed Scorpios is someone who craves for affection and intimacy. 

This is why Scorpio needs dog breeds that are very affectionate as Scorpios themselves are quite affectionate too. 

Scorpios are determined, people. If they want something, they will do whatever they can to get it. Nothing can get in their way of getting that something. Their determination to get things done is their key to unmatched focus. 

To add to that, this Zodiac Sign has a bit of a trust issue. They don’t trust someone unless they have earned it. 

However, when they do— they’re usually very loyal and honest. When they give their word to someone— they will do what they have promised. 

Scorpio Zodiac Sign and Dog Breeds That Fits their Personality Best

1. Bloodhound

Height: 1.91 ft – 2.25

Life Expectancy: 11 years – 15 years

Personality: Intelligent, Loyal, Active, Friendly

Scorpios need a dog breed that can par with their loyalty. Just like Scorpios, the Bloodhound dog breed is very loyal to their owners. 

Just like Scorpios, this dog breed can also look intimidating due to their large frame. However, their personality is nowhere near scary. 

In fact, these dogs are known to be quite friendly. They can get along with literally everyone. 

They’re great with kids, with other dogs, as well as strangers. For this reason, Bloodhounds don’t make a great watchdog. They’ll most likely be thrilled when they see the stranger step inside your house. 

Large as they are, this dog breed is far from the type who will be taking naps on the couch. 

Bloodhound is an active dog breed that requires lots of physical activities. These dogs love to run around and play. They also require a lot of exercises and physical stimulation. 

So, if you’re living in an apartment— Bloodhounds are not for you. These dogs are better when they’re in a fenced yard. 

This way, they’ll have their own space where they can play and run around. Bloodhounds are also a smart breed that is easy to train. 

2. Bullmastiff

Height: 2 ft – 2.25 ft

Life Expectancy: 8 years – 10 years

Personality: Playful, Loves to Wander, Sensitive

If you’re a Scorpio who is looking for a dog breed with a personality similar to yours. Bullmastiff is the dog for you. Just like Scorpios, Bullmastiff dogs can look downright intimidating but are softies on the insides.

Their muscular and large frame contributes greatly to their intimidating aura. However, they’re quite harmless. 

Bullmastiffs are gentle and very affectionate to the people they truly care about. They’re popular for being silent watch dogs as they will defend you with all of their might. 

Bullmastiffs are in the middle of being friendly and protective. They’re very friendly towards kids and other dogs. They’re also affectionate to your family members. 

But these dogs are great protectors. Just like Scorpios, they’re wary of new people and will be suspicious of you during your first few meetings.

This makes Bullmastiff such an excellent watchdog. If you’re living in an Apartment— no worries, Bullmastiff can easily adjust to your living arrangements. They don’t have that much energy inside them. 

However, they’re quite playful and will also need their daily dose of exercise.

3. Great Pyrenees

Height: 2.08 ft – 2.66 ft

Life Expectancy: 10 years – 12 years

Personality: Protective, Active, Intelligent, Stubborn

Another breed that matches well with Scorpio’s personality is the Great Pyrenees dog. They were originally bred to guard sheep and flocks. 

They’re also of great help to people who are working with therapy and rescues.

This dog breed is a combination of affectionate and protective. Their gentle and affectionate nature allows them to work in the field of rescue and therapy. 

Scorpios will definitely feel loved with a Great Pyrenees dog as they will not hesitate to pour all their love for you. 

However, this dog breed is quite stubborn. Yes, they’re intelligent and will work on their own when they want to. But training them is never easy. 

They will intentionally go against your will and will require lots and lots of patience. 

This dog is also quite active. It loves playing and has a seemingly infinite energy level. They also love exploring and will require lots of Physical Stimulation so they will not be bored. 

Just like Scorpios, this dog breed is very protective. Although they can live with kids and other dogs, they’re quite wary of new people. So, if you’re looking for a dog who can watch over your house, this dog is for you. 

4. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever on a field

Height: 1.25 ft – 2 ft

Life Expectancy: 10 years – 12 years

Personality: Friendly, Playful, Loyal, Intelligent

Known to be the most popular dog breed in the United States, Golden Retrievers are family dogs. They’re very affectionate to those that they consider family and are very tolerant. These dogs are great with kids as well as other dogs. 

Golden Retrievers perform very well in games and tasks that involve retrieving. 

They’re a very intelligent breed, which is very easy to train, making them a great dog for novice dog owners. This dog is very friendly. But they will protect your home when they know that it’s in danger. 

Although they have a great amount of energy, these dogs are not as intense as other dogs. 

Golden Retrievers are also very playful and need to have their daily exercise. They love the walk to the parks but are not really looking forward to new adventures. 

One thing that you should know about Golden Retrievers is that they’re boisterous eaters. If you feed them too much, they will eat it all. They can also easily become overweight. 

So if you plan on getting this dog breed, you have to make sure that you’re going to control the amount of food that they eat to prevent them from going overweight. 


Scorpios need a dog that is as affectionate as them. They’re the most misunderstood Zodiac Sign, and one of the things that they need the most is love and affection. They’re also very protective of the people they care about, and Scorpios need a dog breed that can protect them.

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