Dog Breeds: Compatible with Your Zodiac Sign (Dog Zodiac Sign)

There are millions of things that you should consider if you’re thinking of taking a dog home. One of which is your dog’s personality. Dogs are man’s best friend, and much like our real best friend, your dog’s personality should be compatible with your Zodiac Sign.

Here are the Dog Breeds for Each Zodiac Sign:


Labrador Retriever

Height: 1.8 ft – 2.04 ft (male) & 1.7 ft – 1.9 ft (female)

Life Expectancy: 10 years – 12 years

Temperament: Outgoing, Active, Friendly

Known for their competitive, independent, and ambitious nature, individuals with Aries Zodiac Sign are best paired with a dog that’s active and playful.

Labrador Retrievers are dog breeds that are active and outgoing. This breed has a pretty chill temperament. However, they require lots of mental stimulation and exercise.

This means more games of fetch and races for you.

Shetland Sheepdog

Height: 1.08 ft – 1.33 ft 

Life Expectancy: 12 years – 14 years

Temperament: Affectionate, Obedient, Intelligent, Playful

Also known as Sheltie, Shetland Sheepdog, is also great for Aries. This breed is playful with seemingly bottomless energy. Shelties are also affectionate and sensitive dogs, which means you’ll be receiving love from these dogs. 

They are also quite aloof when it comes to strangers. Making them superb watchdogs!



Height: 1.08 ft – 1.25 ft 

Life Expectancy: 10 years – 15 years

Temperament: Merry, Friendly, Curious

Known to be the most loyal sign among the signs, Taurus needs a dog who is as loyal as them. Beagle is known for their loyalty. These dogs are friendly and quite merry ones. Beagles are dog breeds that are great with kids.

Great Dane

Height: 2.5 ft – 2.66 ft (male) & 1.66 ft – 2.5 ft (female)

Life Expectancy: 7 years – 10 years

Temperament: Patient, Friendly, Reliable

Great Danes are another dog breed that fits best for Taureans. This dog is known for its large size. This dog is loyal to its owners. They are friendly by nature and patient. 

The Great Danes are also affectionate and are great at dealing with kids. Great Danes are great, indeed! 


Border Collies

Height: 1.58 ft – 1.83 ft (male) & 1.5 ft – 1.75 ft (female)

Life Expectancy: 12 years -15 years

Temperament: Smart, Energetic, Affectionate

Naturally curious and always moving, Geminis needs a dog that is as emotionally intelligent as them. Border Collie ticks all the boxes. It’s full of energy, smart, and very affectionate. 

This breed of dog is a trainer’s dream dog as they are very easy to train. 

Bearded Collie

Height: 1.75 ft – 1.8 ft (male) & 1.6 ft – 1.75 (female)

Life Expectancy: 12 years – 14 years

Temperament: Friendly, Charismatic, Willful

Another breed of dog with a high level of energy and a good amount of curiosity within them, Bearded Collies, are perfect for Geminis. This breed is always up for challenges and new adventures. 

These dogs are also quite active. Fun fact, Bearded Collies are willful breeds. 


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Height: 1 ft – 1.08 ft

Life Expectancy: 12 years – 15 years

Temperament: Gentle, Affectionate, Graceful

Cancers are committed individuals, and they expect the same for their partners— and dogs as well. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a dog breed that can pour their love for Cancers. This breed is very adaptable and fits the habits of their owners very well. 

This breed prefers chilling rather than running around.


Height: 2.33 ft – 2.5 ft (male) & 2.25 ft – 2.33 ft (female)

Life Expectancy: 10 years – 13 years

Temperament: Gentle, Noble, Affectionate

Cancers need a dog that can return the love and devotion they give to others— and Greyhounds are perfect dogs. This breed has lots of love to give. These dogs are quite large but are a very gentle breed. 


St. Bernard

Height: 2.33 ft – 2.5 ft (males) & 2.1 ft – 2.33 ft (female)

Life Expectancy: 8-10 years

Temperament: Inquisitive, Playful, Charming

Known for their braveness and courage, Leos dogs for this Zodiac Sign should be as brave and courageous as they are. St. Bernards are a breed of dogs that can be giants. They can be intimidating, but these dog breeds are sweet and playful.

They’re also protective and patient with kids, which makes them a great family dog. 


Height: 2.5 ft and up (male) & 2.29 ft and up (female)

Life Expectancy: 6-10 years

Temperament: Courageous, Good-Natured, Dignified

Another large dog that is as brave as Leos is Mastiff. These muscular mastiffs are very protective of their owners and their family. Giants as they are, Mastiff are manageable breeds that are easy to train. 


Doberman Pinscher

Height: 2.1 ft – 2.33 ft (male) & 2 ft – 2.1 ft (female)

Life Expectancy: 10 years – 12 years

Temperament: Alert, Fearless, Loyal

Virgos need a dog that’s as diligent as they are. Doberman Pinschers are excellent family dogs. They’re very protective of their family, and they’re also incredibly fast. This breed of dog is very loyal to their owners. 

Siberian Husky

Height: 1.75 ft – 1.95 ft (male) & 1.66 ft – 1.83 ft (female)

Life Expectancy: 12 years – 14 years

Temperament: Mischievous, Outgoing, Loyal

Virgos are hardworking and loyal individuals, and they need a dog that can return this loyalty to them. Siberian Husky is a dedicated breed and hardworking breed. Some time ago, Huskies were bred as sled dogs. 

Siberian Huskies are pack dogs, which makes them great as a family dog. They can also live with other dogs without any hitches. 


Bull Dog

Height:  1.6 ft – 1.25 ft

Life Expectancy: 8 years – 10 years

Temperament: Calm, Friendly, Courageous

Libra is known for being peaceful individuals. They deserve a dog breed that will give them exactly that. Bull Dogs might seem like they love the chaos, but they’re calm and gentle dogs. Bulldogs are a friendly breed.

They might not be lap dogs, but they will look for ways to have a nap on your lap.

Shih Tzu

Height: 0.75 ft – 0.87 ft

Life Expectancy: 10 years – 18 years

Temperament: Outgoing, Playful, Affectionate

Developed by the Chinese Emperor’s Imperial Breeders, Shih Tzu is a charming breed with a kind and gentle nature. They make a perfect pair with Libras. This breed is an affectionate and sweet breed that will certainly treat you like royalty. 


American Staffordshire Terrier

Height: 1.5 ft – 1.58 ft (male) & 1.41 ft – 1.5 ft (female)

Life Expectancy: 12 years – 16 years

Temperament: Trustworthy, Smart, Good-Natured

Scorpios are strong individuals, which is why they’re the perfect pair for the American Staffordshire Terrier dog breed. This breed is as passionate and as brave as Scorpios. These dogs are very loyal to their owners.

They’re also easy to train. 


Height: 1.58 ft – 2 ft inches

Life Expectancy: 11 years – 13 years

Temperament: Outgoing, Smart

There’s no mistaking that Dalmations are elegant dogs. This breed is very outgoing and active, which fits best with the competitive Scorpios. They have great stamina and are very athletic. 

It’s a loyal dog. However, it’s quite aloof to strangers. 


Boston Terrier

Height: 1.25 ft – 1.41 ft

Life Expectancy: 11 years – 16 years

Temperament: Sociable, Lively, Intelligent

Sagittarius is known to be the life of parties. Dogs for this Zodiac Sign should reflect their positive and sociable behavior. They’re very sociable and what’s more sociable breed than a Boston Terrier. 

These dogs are always on the go and will always be up for new adventures. 


Height: 0.66 ft – 0.75

Life Expectancy: 12 years – 16 years

Temperament: Curious, Friendly

Dachshund is a very outgoing breed, which makes them a great match for Saggitarius. This breed may not be great with sports, but they’re a great sport to everything else. Their adventurous nature matches that of a Sagittarius.


Shar Pei

Height: 1.5 ft – 1.66 ft

Life Expectancy: 8 years – 12 years

Temperament: Calm, Loyal, Independent

Capricorn is an intelligent and responsible sign, and dogs for this Zodiac Sign should be as responsible as them. Shar Pei is a Chinese Breed. This dog breed is calm and intelligent. They also go along with kids quite well. 

This breed needs to be trained, or else it will be boring. Perfect for committed individuals such as Capricorns. 

Shiba Inu

Capricorns are dependable individuals, and their dogs should be responsible as well. Shiba Inus are independent dogs who love grooming themselves. They’re naturally clean, which makes them easy to potty train. 

They’re also quite aloof to strangers, which makes them a great watchdog. 

Height: 1.20 ft – 1.37 ft (male) & 1.12 ft – 1.29 ft (female)

Life Expectancy: 13 years – 16 years

Temperament: Attentive, Alert, Active


Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Height: 0.87 ft – 1.4 ft

Life Expectancy: 12 years – 15 years

Temperament: Smart, Affectionate, Loyal

Aquarius are devoted individuals, and they need dogs for their Zodiac Signs that are as devoted as they are. This extremely cute breed loves running and is pretty outgoing. They can get along well with other dog breeds and kids as well. 


Height: (Toy Poodle: 0.83 ft and under), (Miniature Poodle: 0.83 ft – 1.25 ft), & (Standard Poodle: 1.25 ft and above)

Life Expectancy: 10 years – 18 years

Temperament: Very Smart, Active, Proud

Poodles are very smart dogs and are extremely easy to train. They’re a ball of happiness but can be very relaxed. It’s a great breed for the very shy Aquarius as they can help them crawl out of their shell.



Height: 0.58 ft – 0.75 ft

Life Expectancy: 12 years – 15 years 

Temperament: Adaptable, Sweet, Playful

The Pisces are imaginative individuals and an equally curious and bright dog like Maltese. This breed loves being pampered and adored. They will, by all means, return all the love that’s given to them. 

They are also quite a playful breed.


Height: 0.41 ft – 0.66 ft

Life Expectancy: 14 years – 16 years

Temperament: Graceful, Sassy, Charming

Their tiny frame will always be a charmer. This dog breed is full of personality, which will never bore a Pisces out. Chihuahuas are confident and bold dogs, which is pretty similar to Terriers. 

They’re quite aloof to strangers and can make an excellent watchdog. 


You are always free to choose whatever dog breed you would like to take in regardless of your Zodiac Sign. Do you have any dog breed in mind that you would like to take in? 

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