Happiest Dog Breeds With Positive Personalities

Happiest Dog Breeds

The Happiest Dog Breeds are Caring, loving, and most importantly very loyal, Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds. They are extremely intelligent, they love to work and play, and they also require extensive amounts of physical activity.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers make excellent family dogs because of their affectionate behavior towards children. They can be trained easily with positive reinforcement training techniques. This breed loves to learn new things! Golden Retrievers will eagerly repeat behaviors if they find them rewarding or fun. Golden Retriever puppies must be taught not to jump up on people. Because it is a common habit that some Goldens never outgrow.

The Happiest Dog Breeds

The Havanese

The Havanese is a happy breed beloved by families who are looking for dogs that are loving, friendly, playful, smart, very trainable, responsive to training, good watchdogs but not barkers or aggressive dogs. Originally kept by the Cuban aristocracy as pets for their children, later the breed became popular with the Cuban peasants because of their working abilities. They have low exercise requirements so they do well in small homes without yards.

The Havanese needs an owner who understands how to display authority over the dog in a calm yet firm manner. Training must be done gently but consistently. Obedience training while young will help curb some of the negative behaviors associated with this happy pup such as stubbornness, excessive barking, and housebreaking issues.


Bull Terriers

Bull Terriers are known for their happy personalities. They are extremely intelligent, quick learners, very affectionate with their owners but can be reserved with strangers. They love children but don’t always know when to stop playing so they should always be monitored when with little ones.

Bull Terriers have a high activity level so it’s important that their owners live an active lifestyle or have the ability to take them on long walks every day because this is one of their favorite things in life.

Bull Terriers

Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are famous for being the breed of choice for many service jobs such as being an assistance dog, therapy dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, detection dogs, guide dogs, mobility assistance dogs, police work (both US Customs and local police departments), military work, guide work, obedience competition, field trial competitor, show competitor, sledding competition, carting competitor at the World Championship level greyhound racing.

Labrador Retrievers

Labs love

Labs love to please so training should always be kept fun! Training should be begun early on while the puppy is still small enough to control because once the Labrador becomes large, control can become difficult. If these clever canines sense that they have an advantage over their owner, they will exploit it every chance they get! The AKC describes the Labrador Retriever personality as “friendly,” “intelligent,” “outgoing,” and “driven by a ‘please-make-it-fun’ attitude.”

Labs love

Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers enjoy playing games and taking walks with their owners. They love to be part of the family and become very attached to their loved ones but don’t always mix well with small children because they can accidentally knock them down which can lead to injuries. They are intelligent, playful, dignified dogs who bark little and make excellent apartment pets.

Bichons adore

Bichons adore human company so it’s best they be around children or other pets when they are young so that they learn proper social interaction skills because if not properly trained while young, these tiny dogs can become snappy or overly protective of their owners. This breed needs a lot of human companionships to thrive in a family environment which means if you work a lot outside the home or travel a lot, be prepared to hire a dog walker and/or make arrangements for the Bichon to stay with the family members during your absence.


athletic dogs

This breed of dog was bred to hunt small animals such as squirrels, hare, rabbits, rats, and mice. They are excellent at following scents so they were originally used for hunting on foot rather than being kept in kennels. The American Kennel Club recognized this breed of dog in 1885 which is relatively new compared to other breeds.

These athletic dogs have a very high prey drive so if you have other pets at home, they won’t mix well with the Dachshund. They are fearless daredevils who have no fear of larger dogs or any animal for that matter.

athletic dogs


Dachshunds are very sensitive dogs so harsh training methods are not recommended. Cesar Millan’s method of training this breed would be to get them to look him in the eyes. Which creates an automatic calming effect. If you want a dog who is easy to train and doesn’t try to take control of things. then look no further! Just make sure your hunting skills are up to par. Your Dachsie will need his daily “quota” of chasing leaves rustling through the yard. Or finding little critters scurrying about to keep him happy!


The Dalmatian personality

Dalmatians are extremely smart dogs who excel in obedience training. They also do well with other pets if they are properly introduced. When young or taught how to get along with other pets while they are still puppies.

For people with disabilities such as autism, blindness, or deafness. They love to be around children and get along well with strangers. Goldens are happy-go-lucky dogs who enjoy games and swimming; anything that gets them outside and exploring! If you like to hike or go on long country walks, then goldens will fit right into your lifestyle. Their high energy levels mean they need lots of mental stimulation so they won’t become bored easily.

The Dalmatian personality

Huskies Breeds

Huskies are intelligent, independent, and strong-minded dogs who may try to gain control of their owners if left untrained. They bond very closely with family members which means you should take precautions. when introducing your husky into new areas like showing him. Where he will sleep by taking him there ahead of time. If he feels secure in his environment at home. Then he will be less likely to act out when in new surroundings.

Huskies Breeds


They require a lot of physical exercises which means you will need to take your puggle jogging. And hiking, or swimming daily if he’s to remain happy. Puggles are extremely smart dogs who excel at dog sports like agility training or obedience events. Their high intelligence also makes them easy to train once their owners know. What they’re doing because these dogs are eager to please. The American Kennel Club describes their personality as “outgoing,” “playful,” and “eager.”

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