Why Dog Yoga is Good for Your Dogs?

Why Dog Yoga is Good for Your Dogs
Why Dog Yoga is Good for Your Dogs

Is dog yoga really a thing? My answer to that is YES. Humans aren’t the only ones that can do yoga. Your pet dogs can do it as well!

What is Dog Yoga?

Why Dog Yoga is Good for Your Dogs?

Also known as Doga, dog yoga is a trend that Suzi Teitelman started back in 2001. She has been teaching dog yoga for over 20 years and this trend doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. Up until today, dog yoga is still gaining popularity among dog owners. 


This trend was inspired by the similarities between the way animals stretch and yoga positions. When you examine the positions in most yoga flows, you will discover that they imitate the stretching movements of animals.


Lots of dog owners, especially those that practice yoga, find this activity fun. Having to spend time with their pups through dog yoga is one of the reasons why a lot of dog owners find this activity rather enjoyable. You can never be wrong in spending time with your dogs and surely, it will make your pups happy as well. It’s a win-win situation for both of you. 


Another reason to love dog yoga is that it is a fun way for you to develop a closer bond and harmony with your dog. Most especially because there are a lot of times when you are going to help your dog over and over again with some of the dog yoga positions. 


Can my pet try Dog Yoga?

Why Dog Yoga is Good for Your Dogs?

As mentioned earlier, we all owe Suzi Teitelman for founding and creating dog yoga. As she stated in her website Dogadog, doga or dog yoga can be tried by both people and dogs of all ages. YES— that includes puppies. Anytime is the best time to practice doga so you can rule out the reason that your dog is too old to get started with doga. If you’re hesitating, trust me, your dog is more than capable in doing these doga poses. 


One thing you should remember with doga or dog yoga is that you should consult your vet before trying it out. Yes, any dog can try dog yoga, but if your dog has conditions such as a sudden heart rate drastic increase it’s best to ask for your vet’s opinion. 


However, in general, dog yoga is simply the combination of gentle movement, quiet movements and a more focused breathwork. The best thing about this is that you can choose a more strenuous routine or a gentle and slow routine. It’s all up to you (and your vet).


Getting Started with Dog Yoga

Why Dog Yoga is Good for Your Dogs?

I see that you’re very interested in learning more about doga, and I know you’re very eager to know where you should begin with doga. We’re here to help you. The great thing about dog yoga is that you can choose to do it with other people and dogs. But, if you’re not comfortable with socializing, or even doing dog yoga with others, you can opt to just do it from the comfort of your homes. 


Especially that not all areas have an easily accessible dog yoga class. This is where internet and online doga classes comes. Fortunately, technology now allows us to take classes even if we’re miles apart from the dog yoga instructor. Aside from that you can also call the instructor to conduct the class at your place. As long as you have a yoga mat, a good amount of space, and your willing dog, you can do dog yoga. 


Remember: Do it at your dog’s own pace. Even if you’re an experienced yoga, if you’re not doing it at your dog’s own pace, your dog will not find this activity fun. Don’t forget that you and your dog are doing dog yoga to have fun and bond together. 


Benefits of Dog Yoga

Why Dog Yoga is Good for Your Dogs?

Feel More Connected with Your Dog

Why Dog Yoga is Good for Your Dogs?

Most dog owners that have tried dog yoga considered the activity to be a great way to bond with their dogs and feel more connected to their fur baby. Especially since you’ll be with your dog for a long time. It’s a fun bonding activity that you can share with your dogs that both benefits you and your dog. 


Dog Socialization

Why Dog Yoga is Good for Your Dogs?

If you’re doing dog yoga with other dogs and pet owners, then it is an excellent way for your and your dog to socialize. This is perfect for dogs that needs a lot of socialization as it makes them happy. 


Boosts Your Dog’s Circulation

Dog Yoga is Good for Your Dogs

Another great thing about dog yoga is that it can help your dog’s blood circulation going. Much like you, your dog also needs their blood circulation going to keep them healthy. 


Excellent Excercise for Obese Dogs

Dog Yoga is Good for Your Dogs

Aside from your dog getting a great blood circulation, it’s also another form of exercise. If you have an obese dog, dog yoga is perfect workout and excercise for your obese dog. It might not be that apparent as it looks mostly relaxing, but it’s a great way to keep your dog active. 




These advantages are usually seen over time, so it’s perfectly normal if your dog doesn’t take to the various positions and doga practice right away. It takes time, patience, and persistence, just like any other sort of training. Keeping this in mind, it’s crucial to remember that not every dog is suited to every stance.

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