Zodiac Sign: 7 Unique Cancer Zodiac Personality Traits

Have you met a person with Cancer Zodiac Sign? What was your impression of a Cancer zodiac personality trait? Cancers are known for their sensitivity and softness. But is that all for this Zodiac Sign?

Quick Cancer Zodiac Sign Facts

Date: June 21 – July 22

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Moon

Stone: Pearl, Moonstone, Ruby, & Emerald

Zodiac Symbol: Crab


People who are born between June 21 – July 22 are born with Cancer Zodiac Sign. Their ruling planet is the Moon, and the Zodiac Sign’s Element is Water. 


The Cancer Zodiac Sign is famously known for having the Crab as their animal symbol. The Cancer’s Metal is Silver, and their colors are Sea Green and Silver. 


The Cancer’s Stones are Emerald, Ruby, Moonstone, and Pearl. Their Tarot Card representation is The Chariot. The Cancer Zodiac Sign also rules over the 4th house of the Horoscope Wheel. 


The Cancer Zodiac Personality Traits


People with Cancer Zodiac Sign are known to be quite ambitious. They have plenty and ambitions, and they strive hard to achieve them. These people are also pretty creative. 


This is why you can easily spot a Cancer as a budding dancer, writer, singer, and artists. These often chase their dream and do everything that they can to achieve it. 


Cancers are also the type of people who won’t lash out and enrage when they’re angry. An angry Cancer will ball up and spend some time alone until their anger subsides. 


They will also look for someone whom they trust and talk with them about their feelings. Oftentimes these people are the ones who have a strong emotional link with.


Interesting fact, Cancers often clash with Capricorn but bonds best with Scorpios and Pisces. 


Cancers often find it quite hard to show who they really are with other people. Most of the time, they need someone’s help to boost their self-confidence. Cancers are very creative people, but their low self-confidence often overshadows it. However, when they really show their utmost potential, they really shine. 


People with this Zodiac Sign are also blessed with a potent intuition, allowing them to read people better than anyone else. They’re the type of people who knows when someone has an ulterior motive. 


Which is why you should never lie to Cancers.


7 Interesting Cancer zodiac and their personality traits that are hard to miss:


1. Cancers have a strong intuition and are great at reading people


People with Cancer Zodiac Sign have a strong sense of intuition. They also have a keen eye for observing even the smallest details that most people will often overlook. 


Lying to a Cancer will never end up good on your part. 


Their strong sense of intuition is what makes them better at reading people. They will be able to pick up whenever someone is attempting to lie to them. 


People with Cancer Zodiac Sign knows when someone is acting quite differently or when something is off. 


Some of the Cancers may doubt their instincts, but most of the time, their instincts are always right. If they think that something is off, that just means something is definitely off. 


2. Cancers are hard to read


While Cancers are naturally gifted when reading people— reading them yourself will not be easy. Cancers are quite mysterious and are definitely not someone whom you can easily read. 


Their enigmatic nature makes them difficult to read. 


People with Cancer Zodiac Sign are also not the type of people who trust others right away. Cancers are private people and don’t usually broadcast their thoughts and emotions to everyone. 


For those that don’t know them that well, Cancers are a hard nut to crack.

3. Cancers are great listeners


Although Cancers find it hard to trust other people, they’ll be there for them no matter the circumstances, once they trust someone. They’re the type of people who will be with you at your worst. 


Cancers are also the kind of people whom you want to be with during the rough patches of your life. They’re great at listening, so if you have a Cancer friend, then you found yourself a keeper. 


They will do everything to support their friends. 


When it comes to friendship, they are rare gems. They listen, support, trustworthy, and most of all, they will not leave you at your worst. 


4. Cancers have crazy mood swings


Have you ever seen someone seem so happy one moment, then they’ve become angry moments later? Cancers are exactly like that. They have crazy mood swings, and their moods can switch quickly. 


They also experience extreme moods quite often. When they’re feeling well, they will feel happy about it. During the times when they’re at their best, they will feel extremely down.


However, the Cancer Zodiac is a resilient sign. They won’t allow their sadness to be in their way, which is why they will try to keep their emotions under control. Sadly, their emotions can sometimes be overwhelming. 


5. Cancers crave for meaningful relationships


Cancers and fleeting relationships are not a great combination. People with the Cancer Zodiac Sign crave for deep and meaningful relationships. 


They love being in a close and intimate relationship, rather than the short ones. 


They’re willing to wait for the right person who wants to have meaningful relationships too. They can also be quite choosy when it comes to looking for the right person. 


However, once they find them, they will create an intimate and close relationship with them.


6. Cancers can hold grudges


If you’re the type of person who can hold your grudges for ages, you have something similar to cancers. People with this Zodiac Sign treats everyone as to how they want others to treat them. 


However, sometimes other people can be outright mean. 


Cancers won’t easily “forgive and forget” things, especially of the other person who has rubbed a Cancer in the wrong way.


A betrayed Cancer won’t easily forget what you’ve done. So, even if you two haven’t seen each other in such a long time, once they see you, don’t even think of being forgiven. So, if I were you, it’s best if you stay on a Cancer’s good side. 


7. Cancers are resilient


People with Cancer Zodiac Sign are known to be soft and sensitive. But this doesn’t equally mean that they are weak. 


Once they set their eyes on doing something, nothing can faze them. They’ll take things unto themselves for as long as possible.


Cancers are capable people who can adapt and take things very well, even if it hurts them. Yes, they will get hurt, but they won’t quickly back down. 




One shouldn’t mistake the Cancer personality trait sensitivity for being weak because they’re strong. Don’t be offended when they won’t open up to you right away; let a Cancer take their time. They’re wired that way. 

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