Zodiac Signs: 7 Unique Libra Personality Traits

Have you seen a Libra lose their calm composure? It’s as if being calm and collected is a part of a Libra’s personality. But there’s more to Libra than these. 

Quick Libra Zodiac Sign Facts


Date: September 23 – October 22

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Stone: Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, Opal

Zodiac Symbol: Scales


If you’re born between September 23 to October 22, you’re definitely a Libra. The sign’s season is Autumn, and their Zodiac Sign Element is Air. People with Libra Zodiac Sign have Venus as their ruling planet. 


The sign’s metal is Copper, and their stones are Opal, Peridot, and Lapis Lazuli.


The Libra Zodiac Sign has Scales as the sign’s symbol. The Zodiac Sign also governs over the seventh house of the horoscope wheel.


The Libra Zodiac Sign and Their Personality


True to their sign’s symbol, the scale, people with Libra Zodiac Sign strive for balance. They’re great at reading other people’s emotions, although the other person will blatantly lie about it. 


Libras are also great at catching up on subtle clues and cues which most people miss. 


Aside from that, Libras are also very caring people. If they become interested in things, they will certainly invest their time and energy on that thing. 


This goes the same for the people they meet. If you gain the interest of a person with Libra Zodiac Sign, they will certainly stick with you until the end. 


But that’s not all. Libras also make a great ally as they are straightforward people who will keep things organized. If there’s one thing that Libras hate, it’s dilly-dallying. If you want to tell them something, just get straight to the point. 


People with Libra Zodiac Sign love to keep their appearance looking great. 


This is not in any way bad and vain— they just want to have a pleasing appearance, which is why most Libras love coping up with the latest fashion trends and style. 


7 Interesting Facts about Libra’s Personality


1. Libra are all about balance and fairness


Have you ever made a mistake but are scared to admit it, so you just lie about it? Well, Libra’s are not like that. If a Libra knows what they did was wrong, they won’t lie about it. They will readily admit their mistake. 


Talk about courage!


There’s plenty of reasons that the symbol for Libra is a balance scale. Their love for balance and fairness is one of the reasons why they have the symbol. 


They are the type of people who want to make sure that everyone gets the same amount of food on the plate. They hate the thought of injustice. Libras themselves are very honest people.


2. Libras are all for meaningful relationships that last for a long time


Some might prefer going through fleeting relationships that are often short-lived, but that’s not Libra. Libras look for meaningful relationships that last for a very long time. Flings are definitely not their thing. 


They’d rather wait for the right person to come, even if it takes a long time, rather than to fall for the wrong person. 


If a Libra chooses you as their partner, know that they have thought about you for nights. The process is similar to that of buying something online. 


You do your research first before you check it out. So if you have a Libra partner or friend, hug them or simply thank them for choosing you.  


3. Libras have a knack for negotiation


People with Libra Zodiac Sign have a talent for negotiation. 


Say you have someone that really gets on your nerves. One day, you lose your composure, and you tell them about what they did. That person didn’t take this lightly, so you two fight. 


If a Libra that you know is within the vicinity, they will sort things out between you and the other person.


Libras have an innate talent of keeping things balanced and well organized— and this includes sorting things out when there’s conflict. The greatest thing about this is that they will do this without hurting anyone. 


They will talk their way to sort things out between you and the other person. 


4. Libras are logical thinkers


You should never underestimate a Libra’s intelligence. In fact, Libras have the most clever minds among the Zodiac Signs, especially if something piques a person with Libra Zodiac Sign’s interest. 


They’re both logical and critical thinkers. 


If you give Libras a choice between something they would like to do (but is not very logical) or a very logical choice (but certainly not their kind of thing), believe it or not, they’ll choose the more logical choice. 


They’re willing to set their feelings on the side if it means they get to do the most logical thing to do. Of course, they will get sad about it, but they’re going to think that being Logical is the best thing to do. 


5. Libras are calm and level-headed


Not everyone can stay calm during chaos— fortunately for Libras, they can. 


People with Libra Zodiac Sign have the talent to stay calm and level-headed even during ridiculous situations. They’re seen as the more laid-back and chill sign who don’t get easily panicked. 


Libras won’t get aggravated over silly things. They also don’t like blowing things out of their proportion. 


6. Libra will do what they want


Libras don’t have time for haters since they’re simply a waste of time. Haters can say whatever they want to Libras, but people with this Zodiac Sign will not respond to that. 


They think it’s childish and not worth their time. 


They’re certainly not the type of people who will simply sit down because someone told them they wouldn’t be able to achieve their dreams. 


People with Libra Zodiac Sign will do whatever they want regardless of what others say about it. 


They will not easily back down because someone told them to do so. So, you want to tell a Libra that what they’re doing isn’t possible? Unfortunately for you, they will still do it. 


7. Libras will give up if it means saving their relationship with you


You might have noticed that some of the Zodiac Signs are stubborn and will always crave victory, but Libra is not that person. Libra won’t give up their relationship with someone they deeply care about, for a simple victory.


Since Libras are logical thinkers, they know that a simple argument is not worth the risk of ruining their relationship with you.


They know that your relationship with them is worth more than a simple victory, so they give up. Libras love you that much. 




Libras are logical thinkers who deeply treasure friendships and relationships. They’re mostly calm and level-headed. Most importantly, they know how to talk you out of possible trouble. 

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